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Tropical Immunity Pack

Immunity. A word so prominent right now and more important than ever.  Keeping our immune system strong by way of vitamins, nutrients, and a healthy lifestyle is a great way to promote optimum health. Your body fights infections with your immune system and there are many things you can do to support this because every little bit helps!  

Help your immune system function its best by maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  We have a few suggestions noted below in the chart for details on living a balanced life:

The foodie in all of us is wondering what can we be consuming to ensure we are nourishing ourselves properly, right?  Well, here at Sambazon, we know we have to do our part and deliver delicious AND nutritious food; our holistic approach to quality food products is ingrained in all that we do, including offering the delicious frozen smoothie packs, Tropical Immunity.


Now that we are having staycations let the delicious flavors of banana, acerola, and pineapple take you to that tropical island you have always dreamt of or enjoy a bit of deja vu for those who have traveled to the white sandy beaches of the Caribbean.  Regardless of where this delicious smoothie takes you, it has the nutritional benefits of 10 oranges! That is 650% of your daily recommended amount of the antioxidant Vitamin C! All thanks to three superfruit ingredients: banana, pineapples, and acerola cherries. Vitamin C is important as it is not something our bodies produce naturally, which is why we need to get it from our diet. Our Tropical Immunity Frozen Smoothie packs are a great way for the family to enjoy smoothies together that are loaded with an immune system supporting Vitamin C and they are only 40 calories per pack without any added sugar.  These are the perfect treats anytime of the day!


You can find these flavorful Tropical Immunity packs here, and we would love to see in the comments below what other types of smoothies you are making to support health and wellness? What fruit or added ingredients do you include in your smoothie to support your immunity? Have you tried any of our Tropical Immunity Smoothie recipes?


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